In ancient times, mankind inadvertently invented the wheel, guided by which people gradual-ly cast off ignorance and marched toward the civilized world. Today, the car become the m-ost direct manifestation of the development of technology of wheels .Followed the trail of th-e wheel was carved the amazing progress of science and the fantastic leaps and jumps in technology.
        In the era of knowledge economy, we regard revitalizing the automobile industry of China as our national responsibility, we treat technological innovation as our forward momentum ,and we depend on the core technology competitiveness to establish a place for ourselves.
        On the road of independent technology innovation, we always keep the following in our min-ds: to get rid of low self-esteem and to foster the courage of competing with others ;to get r-id of the mentality of dependency and to establish the national spirit of independent innovat-ion; to abandon the mentality of a quick profit and to foster the spirit of perseverance and h-ard work.
        We are well aware of the fact that the technical capacity should be endogenous, so we alw-ays make ourselves learning-oriented. Our every thought, every decision, every developme-nt, every product, come from the practice of continuous innovation.

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